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Design and Print Services

In house design, printing & finishing facilities. Fast turnaround on leaflets, mailers, brochures and much more. Whether your print requirements are simple mono short run work or full colour with special colours we can fulfill your desired result.

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Corporate Identity

We never under-estimate the value and long-term importance of a company’s identity, or that of product branding. A great deal of consideration is given in our design and development process of logos, including the overall identity, icons, associated graphics and imagery, strap-lines, colours and type styles.

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Advertising & Marketing

For most businesses, advertising remains at the forefront of their marketing mix and is hugely influential in attracting customers. Of course there are many forms: Off-line, your advertising mix may include newspaper and magazine adverts, direct mail, leaflets, inserts, and TV and radio. Online, it may include web banners, brochures that can be downloaded, and perhaps even video that can be viewed on your website or via social media. Or it might be a mix across both, which tends to the most common case these days.

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Website Design & Hosting

The Internet opens the door for the whole world to see your business, its products and services, and to contact or buy from you quickly and easily. Whether potential customers chose to do so largely depends on your overall proposition, but your website will also be hugely influential.

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Online Corporate Profile

Still largely under-utilised and misunderstood for its potential as an effective business marketing tool, social media offers valuable, and perhaps surprising, opportunities to reach and expand your communications to new and existing customers. Increasingly it is forming an essential part of the marketing mix for a wide range of businesses, and we specialise in helping to develop and manage social media strategies.

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