Corporate Identity

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We never under-estimate the value and long-term importance of a company’s identity, or that of product branding.

A great deal of consideration is given in our design and development process of logos, including the overall identity, icons, associated graphics and imagery, strap-lines, colours and type styles.

Whether you are starting from scratch on a new business, or are wishing to evolve or revamp your existing branding, we can offer design suggestions and solutions that will give your company and products a bespoke and exclusive identity that will be recognised and valued by your customers for years to come.

We always take a broad, strategic view of the use of corporate and product branding across all types of media within which it may appear and be viewed by your customers, both in the short term and long term. From business cards, letterheads, external signage and livery to packaging, advertising, websites and digital marketing, such as emails, we can create effective branding that will be key to being instantly recognised with positive association and emotive values by your target audiences.

We can also develop brand guidelines that are an essential marketing tool to help ensure your suppliers and internal personnel maintain the integrity of your brand and identity.

Our advice is to take your time and get it right. First impressions count the most and your corporate identity or product branding will be the first impression customers will have of you.

From digital print to social media, branding, advertising and website design if you want fabulous work that generates excellent results call today.

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